The vibrant cultural festival ‘UTOPIA’ marks a significant place for students in the academic calendar. College life is incomplete without a fest and constitutes a major part of the life of students. Through cultural activities, students get opportunities to interact with others. Most of the cultural activities are performed in groups thereby helping the students to develop a better understanding of the people around them. Interaction with other students belonging to different backgrounds helps in the development of interpersonal skills. Thus, the students become more social and they learn to respect others. Cultural activities instill confidence in students and foster a better understanding of the surroundings. The cultural activities also instill life skills and social awareness.

‘UTOPIA’ is a week-long intercollegiate cultural festival . It comprises Performing art and Fine art activities. Under performing art students stage their talent in Solo Dance, Group Dance, Solo Singing, Group song, Fashion Show, Mono Acting.

Under Fine art students participate in Rangoli, Mehendi Designing, Pot Painting, Egg Shell Painting, T-shirt Painting, Bridal Makeup, Nail Art, Salad Decoration, Photography. Short Film Making.

Students also enjoy Chocolate Day, Group Alike Day, Traditional Day, Halloween Day.

Social Awareness through Art Circle activities


Advisor:Ms Anjali S Deshpande

Convenor: Dr Prachi Bakle

Co-Convenor: Dr. Manoj Wagh

Members:Dr. Manisha Bhigardive,Dr. Sarjerao Borade,Ms. Moushmi Saraf,Ms. Pradnya Tiwad,Mr. Dnyneshwar Deore,Ms. Snehal Rane,Ms. Sitalaxmi Rakrishnan,Mr. Pravin Tiwad,Ms. Mrudula Agarwal,Ms. Nilima Talekar,Ms. Varsha More


1. To develop emotional intelligence Social events develop social skills and empathy—the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence

2.The interactions or conversations elicited by events helps students build relationships, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures. Social events provide an opportunity to expand one’s social circle.

3. To build relationships Participating in on-campus social events enables students to meet people who share common interests and individuals who can help them academically, or even professionally.