Student Activity Center


Every year under SAC we conduct many programs. Each program adds value to students overall development. Some programs like Ecofriendly Ganpati Idol making, makes them environment friendly. There are programs like bangle earring and small artifacts making which not on adds to skills of students but also develops entrepreneurship skill when they sell these articles. They are team building activities like muffin, chocolate and pizza making wherein students come together in groups and enhance their skills. There are few training session activities like Salad Decorations which builds students for Inter and Intra collegiate competition. Training in Rangoli has been useful for students participating in Youth Festival.

The Art forms students develop during these years can be recreational during later phase of life and helpful to manage stress and anxiety.

Students at Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College are groomed for overall development and Students Activity centre is a gateway to this effort.


1)To conduct activities which impart skill-based knowledge.

2)To create interest towards art, craft, and other activities

3)To enhance employability skills and train students with practical experience.