Dates Academic Activity
Start Date June 13th 2022- 22nd October Opening of college Term I
Regular lectures of SY and TY Classes
3rd Week of August 2022 Internal Examination of SFC
31st August 2022- 4th September 2022 Mid-term break
27th September-21st October 2022 ATKT Examination
23rd October 2022-6th November 2022 Diwali Vacation
7th November 2022-1st May 2023 Term II starts
2nd Week of November 2022 Sem I and III Regular Examination
25th December 2022-31st December 2022 Winter Break (Christmas Vacations)
3rd Week of February 2023 Internal Examination of SFC
2nd Week of March 2023 ATKT Examination
1st Week of April 2023 Sem II and IV Regular Examination
3rd Week of April 2023 Sem VI Regular Examination