Coordinator:Dr. Bhushan P. Langi

Co-Coordinator:Mr. Rajesh Valeja

Members:Ms. Kavita Chowk,Dr. Runa Shajeev,Dr. Sachin G. Puranik,Ms. Trupti D. Kulkarni


To design and approve the college prospectus, to work out the rules and regulations of the college to be printed on the prospects in consultation with the principal of the college. Prospectus should be ready in all respects for printing in the month of February.

Discipline and Anti Ragging

Coordinator: Adv. Suyash Pradhan

Members:Dr. Kalpana Rathod, Dr. Radhika Mukherjee,Mr. Tushar Chavan


1)To prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging including any conduct by any student whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student, or indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities by any student.

2)To monitor, direct and oversee the functions and performance of the Anti-Ragging Squads in prevention and curbing of ragging in the institution.

3)To create awareness about Ragging and its consequences amongst the Learners

4)To maintain overall Discipline in the College Premises

5)To handle complaints relating to the instances of Ragging as per the norms and nomenclatures laid down by the UGC.


Coordinator:Dr.Bhushan P. Langi

Members:Mr.Dnyaneshwar Deore, Mr. Sharad Khardikar,Mr. Jitendra Weakay


Upload college data in prescribed format on AISHE website.

College Planning

Coordinator:Dr. Mahesh Dalvi

Members:Dr. Sanjay Bhagat Dr. Bhushan Langi Mrs. Shalaka Kolhe


Prepare proposals for grant and do necessary steps to receive grants, ensure optimum utilization of facilities of the same, promoting innovation and change, linking education to emerging career patterns, to upgrade basic infrastructure like library, laboratory, connectivity etc

Proposal for various Awards and Recognition

Coordinator:Dr. Sanjay R. Bhagat

Co-Coordinator:Dr. Mrs. Mandakini R. Ingle

Members: Dr. Sonali S. Kokane,Dr. Sachin G. Puranik,Prof. Mr. Sachin Lokhande,Mrs. Nilima Talekar


Upload college data in prescribed format on AISHE website.

Infrastructure / Construction / Green Audit

Chairperson:Prin. Dr. Ganesh Bhagure

Coordinator:Dr. Ms. Sanjyot P. Deuskar / Dr. Dhananjay D. Mulajkar

Members: Dr. Manjiri M. Gondhalekar, Dr. Mandakini R. Ingle


i) Prepare Proposal for College with Potential for Excellence
ii) Best colleges award
iii) Star DBT scheme.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Chairperson: Dr. Ganesh Bhagure

Management Representative:Shri. Kamlesh S. Pradhan, Mrs. Manasi Pradhan

Coordinator:Dr. Dhananjay D. Mulajkar

Co-cordinator:Dr. Mahesh Dalvi

Criteria-1: Dr. Afreen Eksambi, Dr. Asawari Tak Shenwai

Criteria-2: Dr. Sachin Puranik, Dr. Runa Shajeev,Ms. Mridulla Agarwal

Criteria-3: Dr.Babasaheb Kambale,Mrs. Trupti Rongare

Criteria-4: Dr. Mahesh M. Dalvi, Mr. Aditya Khanna

Criteria-5: Dr. Sanjay R. Bhagat, Ms. Mayura Patil

Criteria-6: Dr. Mrs. Anita Dakhsina,Dr. Sujatha Iyer

Criteria-7: Dr. Ms. Sanjyot P. Deuskar,Adv. Suyash Pradhan, Dr.Pradnya Tiwad

Industry Representative:Mr. Yatin Tipnis

Student Representative :Adv. Mr. Suyash Pradhan (Alumini)


Coordinator:Dr. Sachin Puranik,

Co-Coordinator:Mr. Rajesh Valeja

Members: Dr.Mahesh Dalvi, Mr. Tushar Chavan, Dr. Afreen Eksambi, Ms. Siddhi Patil, Dr. Asawari Tak,Dr. Rani Patil

Intellectual Property Rights

Coordinator:Dr. Sonali Kokane

Members: Dr. Sujatha Iyer,Ms. Snehal Rane,Mr. Sarjerao Borade


To Create awareness among students about IPR and to coordinate with the departments to conduct such activities.

Admission Committee for First Year (2023-2024)

Coordinator: Dr. Mrs. Sanjyot Deuskar

Arts Admission Committee

Coordinator: Dr. Seema Ketkar, Vice-Principal, Arts Faculty

Members: Dr. Shrirang Kuduk, Dr. Pradnya Pawar, Dr. Madhuri Patharkar, Dr. Babasaheb Kambale,Dr. Sarjerao Borade


Commerce Admission Committee

Coordinator: Dr. Sanjyot Deuskar

Members:Dr. CA. Kishor Wankhede, Dr. Manisha Bhingardive, Dr. Runa Shajeev, Dr. Radhika Mukherjee,Dr. Sachin Puranik


Science Admission Committee

Coordinator: Dr. Mrunal Bakane, Vice-Principal, Science Faculty

Members:Dr. Hemant Chitte, Dr. Sanjay Bhagat, Dr. Sonali Kokane, Ms. Farahat Khan, Dr. Mandakini Ingle,Ms. Anjali Deshpande


Self-Finance Admission Committee

Coordinator: Adv. Suyash Pradhan, Vice-Principal, Self- Finance Faculty

Members:Mr. Rajesh Valeja, Dr. Afrin Eksambi, Dr. Praveen Tiwad, Dr. Pradnya Tiwad, Dr. Manoj Wagh,Ms. Sneha Thakkar


To prepare & publish the schedule of admission (in- house & outsiders) as per university norms.

To recommend Cut-off percentage & prepare merit list (in-house / outsiders) as per the schedule.

To coordinate help desk for smooth conduct of admission process.

College website COMMITTEE

Coordinator:Dr. Sujatha S. Iyer

Members:Dr. Runa Shajeev,Dr. Shilpa Hatewar,Mr. Dnyaneshwar P. Deore (I.T.),Mr. Shubham Gothankar


Monthly upgradation of faculties achievements, uploading of notice for students, uploading of Timetable of all faculties, uploading of Timetable

Academic Committee

College Examination Committee

Adviserr: Dr.Manjiri M. Gondhalekar

Coordinator:Dr. Mandakini Ingle

Co-Coordinator:Dr. Madhuri Patharkar

Members:Dr. Afreen Eksambi, Dr. Sujatha Iyer, Mr. Rajesh Valecha, Adv. Suyash Pradhan, Mr. Aditya Khanna,Dr. Jhanvi Thorat

Objectives: To conduct FY and SY Examination as per University of Mumbai Rules and Regulations.

To Declare Results within 40 days of Examination Completion.

To conduct orientation session of all the members of Examination Committee and Invigilators

Unfair Means

Coordinator:Dr. Manjiri Gondhalekar

Members:Dr. Mrunal Bakane, Dr. Seema Ketkar, Dr. Bhushan Langi,Adv. Suyash Pradhan

University Examination Committee

Chairperson:Principal Dr. Ganesh Bhagure

Coordinator:Dr. Hemant Chitte,

Members:Dr. Manjiri Gondhalekar, Dr. Mrunal Bakane, Dr. Seema Ketkar, Dr. Sarita Hajirnis, Dr. Kalpana Rathod,,Dr. Sachin Puranik


Conduct TY & PG examinations according to the rules and regulations of the University of Mumbai.

Remedial Cell

Coordinator: Dr. Kishor Wankhede

Co-Coordinator:Mr. Pravin Tiwad

Members:Dr.Radhika S. Mukherjee,Ms. Kavita Chouk,Ms. Snehal Rane,Mr. Prashant Bane, Mr. Aditya Khanna, Ms. Anjali Singh,


To schedule remedial lectures for weak students who have not been able to clear their exams

Time Table Committee

Arts Faculty

Convenor:Dr. Seema Ketkar

Members:Dr. Pradnya Pawar, Ms. Farahat Khan, Dr. Runa Shajeev,Dr. Babasaheb Kambale


Science Faculty

Convenor:Dr. Mrunal Bakane

Members:Dr. Sanjay Bhagat, Dr. Mandakini Ingle, Ms. Anjali Deshpande


Commerce Faculty

Convenor:Dr. Manjiri Gondhalekar

Members:CA. Dr. Kishor Wankhede, Dr. Sachin Puranik,Dr. Radhika Mukherjee


Plan, formulate and prepare timetable for regular classes and to see to it that all departments are allocated lectures and practicals as per rule

Student Grievance Redressal Cell

Chairperson:Principal. Dr. Ganesh Bhagure

Member Secretary Dr. Kalpana Rathod

Members:Dr. Madhuri M. Patharkar


Resolve the grievances of students and suggest to the authorities ways and means to minimise and prevent such grievances. To carry out functioning of a cell as per UGC (Grievance Redressal) regulations 2012, or any other regulations in force.


Coordinator:Dr. Manisha Bhingardive

Members: Mr. Rajesh G. Valeja,Ms.Mosami Saraf


Organise commerce related activities for students to develop entrepreneurial skill, critical thinking and building self- confidence

Science Association

Coordinator:Dr. Kalpana R. Rathod

Co-Coordinator:Dr. Amita Charandas Chandanshiv

Members:Ms. Mosami Patil,Ms. Sayali Kambale,Ms. Kavita Chowk


Organise science related activities to create scientific temperament among students, celebrate days related to science, organise science exhibition during NAAC Peer team visit, promote student participation in competition like "Avishkar".

Arts Association

Coordinator: Dr. Seema Ketkar

Members:Dr. Runa Shajeev, Dr. Sarjerao Borade, Dr. Sachin Lokhande,Ms. Sitalakshmi Ramkrishnan


Constitute student council as per the norms of University of Mumbai, conduct regular meetings, monitor the functioning of students council, involve students council in various academics, extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Student Council COMMITTEE

Chairman:Dr. Shivani Banerjee

Members:Ms. Anjali Singh, Ms. Sneha Thakkar, Dr. Sarjerao Borade, Mr. Balkrishana Medhekar (Sports), Mr. Tushar Chavan (Cultural), Dr Sachin Lokhande (NSS),Dr. Radhika Mukherjee (NCC)


Constitute student council as per the norms of University of Mumbai, conduct regular meetings, monitor the functioning of students council, involve students council in various academics, extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Marathi Vangmay Mandal

Coordinator:Dr.Pradnya D.Pawar

Members:Dr.Madhuri Patharkar, Dr.Sachin Lokhande,Dr. Pragati Lot


Create interest of students in literature enhance creative writing skill among the students in Marathi, Hindi and English language, provide a platform to the students to participate in activities like elocution, essay writing text books.


Coordinator:Dr. Runa Shajeev

Members:Dr Radhika S. Mukherjee


Create interest of students in english literature and enhance creative writing skill among the students in Marathi, Hindi and English language, provide a platform to the students to participate in activities like elocution, essay writing text books.


Coordinator:Mr. Babasaheb Kambale

Members:Dr. Mahesh Dalvi, Dr. Sarita Hajirnis, Prof. Tushar Chavan


Monitor the purchase and distribution text book to needy students and mobilise resources for procurement of text books.

Library Advisory COMMITTEE

Chairperson:Prin. Dr. Ganesh Bhagure

Members:Dr. Bhusan Langi,Dr. Mahesh M. Dalvi


Budgetary provisions for strengthening of library and its services advice the librarian for the same.

Attendance and Defaulters Committee

Chairman: Dr. Manjiri Gondhlekar

Co-ordinator (Aided):Dr. Shivani Banerjee

Coordinator (Self-Finance):Mrs. Nilima Talekar

Members: Dr. Amita Chandanshive, Dr. Sultana Begam, Dr. Manoj Wagh, Dr. Sachin Lokhande, Dr. Jhanvi Thorat, Ms. Anjali Singh, Ms. Vandana Benke,Mr. Dnyaneshwar Patil


Monitor and implement e-attendance along with manual attendance system, prepare and display defaulter's list periodically. Convey the attendance record to parents, recommend actions against defaulters, arrange parent meetings and form Parent Teachers Association and submit the report of meetings of the same.

Research Promotion Committee, Incubation Centre (Aided Section)

Aided Section

Dr. Shivani Banerjee (Coordinator, Science Faculty)
Dr. Sonali Kokane (Member, Science Faculty)
Dr. Madhuri Patharkar (Coordinator, Arts Faculty)
Dr. Sarjerao Borade (Member, Arts Faculty)
Dr. Manisha Bhingardive (Coordinator, Commerce Faculty)

CA. Dr. Kishor Wankhede (Member, Commerce Faculty)


Self-Finance Section

Dr. Anita Dakshina (Coordinator, SFC)
Dr. Pradnya Tiwad (Member, SFC)
Dr. Shilpa Hattewar (Member, SFC)
Ms. Snehal Bhagwat (Member, SFC)

Mrs. Mrugaya Gaikwad (Member, SFC)


Encourage research activities and mobilize resource. Submit minor, major research proposals to concerned authorities, set the policy to sanction research grants to various funding agencies


Coordinator:Mr. Pravin Tiwad

Co-Cordinator:Dr. Sanjay Bhagat

Members:Mrs. Nilima Talekar, Ms. Prachi Waghmare, Mr. Rishikesh Mhatre,Ms. Deepti Bongulwar

Certificate Course

Coordinator:Ms. Sneha Thakkar

Co-Cordinator:Mrs. Nilima S. Talekar

Members:Dr. Shivani Banerjee, Ms. Anjali Singh, Mr. Rajesh Valeja, Ms. Richa Kulal, Dr. Prdanya Tiwad, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Deore, Ms. Prachi Waghmare, Dr. Begam Sultana,Badgujar Komal Bhagaw


Identify value added, skill based and co-curricular certificate courses, frame the syllabi of the courses and conduct the same.

Women Development Cell

Coordinator:Dr. Pradnya D. Pawar

Members:Dr. Runa Shajeev, Dr. Sarjerao Borade, Mrs. Sunita Kulkarni (Member of an NGO), Ms. Nita Vaidya


Organise programmes for women empowerment, set mechanism for prevention of sexual harassment and create awareness regarding provisions of constitutional laws to safeguard Rights of women.

Internal Complaint COMMITTEE

Presiding Officer : Dr. Madhuri Patharkar

Members: Dr. Mandakini Ingle, Ms. Farahat Khan, Dr. Sachin Puranik , Mrs. Sunita Kulkarni (Member of an NGO),Mrs. Jayshree Redkar (Non- Teaching Staff Representative)

Student Representative: Students

Objectives: Prevent, prohibit and redress sexual harassment on college campus


Coordinator:Dr. Mandakini R Ingle

Members:Dr. Mrs. Manisha D. Bhingardive,Dr. Kishor K. Wankhede


To conduct orientation of such students. To conduct offline/online session on how to apply for scholarship. To safeguard the interest of the students

Minority Cell

Coordinator:Dr. Afreen Eksambi

Members: Ms. Farhat Khan,Mr. Rajesh Valeja


To safeguard the interest of the students of the minority communities.


Coordinator:Dr. Mrunal Bakane

Members:Dr. Sanjay Bhagat,Dr. Bhushan Langi


To safeguard the interest of the students of the OBC communities.

Open Cell

Coordinator:Prof. Mrs. Anjali S. Deshpande

Members:Dr. Seema V. Ketkar,Dr. Runa Shajeev


To safeguard the interest of the students of the Open communities.

Counselling Cell

Counsellor: Dr. Seema Ketkar,Mr. Shishir Lele


To counsel students regarding issues that may be stressful. e.


Arts Faculty
Dr. Pradya Pawar - Coordinator
Dr. Sarjerao Borade - Member

Dr. Janhavi Thorat - Member


Science Faculty
Mr. Aditya Khanna - Coordinator
Ms. Sayli Kamble - Member

Ms. Priyanka Shukla - Member


Commerce Faculty
CA Dr. Kishor Wankhede - Coordinator
Dr. Manisha Bhingardive - Member

Ms. Anjali Singh - Member


Self- Finance Faculty
Ms. Mayura Patil- Coordinator
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Deore - Member
Ms. Mridulla Agarwal - Member
Ms. Richa Kulal - Member

Dr. Pradnya Tiwad - Member


To organise Skill development programme

To establish linkages with firms for internships and placement.

To organise campus Interview

To maintain records of students and activities as per IQAC and ISO guidelines and submit the same.

Staff Academy / Staff Redressal Cell

Coordinator:Dr. Maduri Patharkar

Members: Ms. Sneha Thakkar, Ms. Shilpa Hatewar,Ms. Siddhi Patil


Arrange lectures and cultural programmes for the faculty, felicitate the staff members and their ward for special achievement, address the grievances (other than sexual harassment) of the faculty members, if any and maintain the records.

Alumni / Parent Association

Advisor: Dr.Dhananjay D.Mulajkar

Corodinator:Prof. Manoj S. Wagh, Dr.Radhika Mukherjee

Members:Dr. Kalpana Rathod, Dr. Runa Shajeev, Mr. Prashant Bane, Dr. Afreen Eksambi, Mrs. Jayshree Redkar, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Patil, Mr. Rahul Mhatre, Mr. Pranay Kokamkar,Mr. Rajesh Kadam


Establish the linkage between alumni of the college and alma mater. Take efforts to encourage and enhance the contribution of alumni in various college activities, organise alumni meet at least once in academic year and during NAAC Peer Team visit

Environment, Campus, Development, Tree Plantation, Botanical Garden and Waste Management

Coordinator:Dr. Sarita S. Hajirnis

Members: Dr. Sanjyot Deuskar, Ms. Pooja Salvi, Dr. Aasawari Tak Shenwai,Ms. Prachi Waghmare


Organise environment related programmes such as awareness, tree plantation, cleanliness drives etc. set and monitor proper mechanism for solid waste management and Celebrate  World Environment Day

Earn and Learn Scheme COMMITTEE

Coordinator: Ms. Sneha Thakkar

Members:Dr. Shilpa Hatewar,Ms. Snehal Rane


Implement earn and learn scheme for students


Coordinator:Dr. Seema V. Ketkar

Members:Dr. Sanjyot P. Deuskar,Dr. Sachin G. Puranik


Monitor the canteen activities, food quality, hygiene and issue related to canteen. Interact with canteen vendor.


Advisory Committee:Dr. Sanjyot Deuskar,Dr. Mrunal Bakane,Dr. Manjiri Gondhlekar,Dr. Seema Ketkar

Convenor:Dr. Anita Dakshina

Co-Convenor:Ms. Sneha Thakkar

Members:Adv. Suyash Pradhan, Ms. Kavita Chowk, Dr. Manoj Wagh, Ms. Siddhi Patil, Ms. Prachi Waghmare, Dr. Pradnya Tiwad, Dr. Shilpa Hatewar, Mr. Prashant Bane, Ms. Pallavi Deshpande,Mr. Mahesh Kulsange

Cocurricular / Extra Cocurricular Committee


Advisor:Ms Anjali S Deshpande

Convenor:Mr. Tushar Chavan

Convenor:Dr. Shilpa Hatewar

Members:Dr. Manoj Wagh, Ms. Kavita Chowk, Ms. Priyanka Shukla, Ms. Richa Kulal, Ms. Trupti Rongare, Ms. Seetalaxmi Ramakrishnan, Ms. Dipti Bongulwar, Ms. Mausami Patil,Ms. Sapna Mahajan


Organise and conduct cultural activities for students, organise workshop/ training for singing, drama, fine art, Rangoli, Mehendi etc. To nominate students on the basis of their merits for Inter- University, Inter Level Competitions, organise Intercollegiate cultural festival UTOPIA, organise cultural program during NAAC Peer team Visit


Coordinator:Ms. Seetalaxmi Ramakrishnan

Co-Coordinator: Ms. Sneha K. Thakkar

Members:Dr. Manisha Bhingardive, Ms. Monali Dharankar, Ms. Sneha Shinde, Mrs. Pragati Lot, Ms. Pooja Salvi, Ms. Shraddha Patil, Ms. Sayali Kamble,Ms. Sapana Mahajan


Conduct skill development activities, personality development Programme, vocational training, hobby workshops such as music, dance, handicraft for fastering creativity in students


Coordinator:Dr Sanjyot Deuskar

Members: Dr Anita Dakshina,Dr Shilpa A Hatewar,Ms Trupti Rongre


To organise Programs and exhibitions.To provide platform for the products prepared by the students and NGOs


Programme Officer :Dr. Babasaheb Kambale, Dr. Manoj Wagh,Ms. Farahat Khan

Co-Programmme Officer:Dr. Sachin Puranik,Dr. Sonali Kokane

Members :Mr. Tushar Chavan, Dr. Sachin Lokhande, Dr. Janhavi Thorat, Ms. Sidhi Patil, Ms. Mrugaya Gaikwad, Ms. Sapna Mahajan, Ms Sayali Kamble, Ms. Priyanka Shukla,, Ms. Mosami Patil, Ms. Pooja Salvi,Dr. Pragati Lot.

Objectives: To organise Programs and exhibitions. To provide platform for the products prepared by the students and NGOs


Girls Unit: Dr. Mrs. Radhika S. Mukherjee

Boys Unit:Mr. Dilip Vasave

Objectives:The college NCC Unit shall function according to the specified guidelines.


Advisor: Dr. Hemant Chitte

Co-Advisor:Dr. Kishor Wankhede

Sports Director:Mr. Balkrishna Medhekar

Ojectives:Develop excellence in various domain of sports and promote a spirit of healthy competition and advice the Sport Director for smooth and effective functioning of the gymkhana and gymnasium.

Annual Magazine Committee

Coordinator: Dr.Pradnya D.Pawar

Members: Dr. Sanjyot Deuskar, Dr. Runa Shajeev,Ms. Sitalakshmi Ramkrishnan


Collect the articles from students and faculty members, reports from the HODs and Convenors of various committees. Publish the college magazine in the month of February


Coordinator:Dr. Runa Shajeev

Members:Dr. Radhika Mukherjee, Dr. Kishor Wankhede, Ms. Deepti Bongulwar,Ms. Sitalakshmi Ramkrishnan


To enable students to understand the nuances of public speaking. To equip students to speak confidently in a variety of situations


Coordinator:Dr. Pradnya D. Pawar

Members:Dr. Madhuri Patharkar,Dr. Janhavi Thorat


To enable students to understand the nuances of public speaking. To equip students to speak confidently in a variety of situations

FDP Committee

Coordinator:Dr. Madhuri Patharkar

Members:Dr. Madhuri Patharkar,Dr. Janhavi Thorat


1) To conduct Induction Programme for Newly recruited Teaching staff
2) To oragnise workshop/seminar on Innovative methods on teaching