Aided ACTIVITY CALENDAR for the year 2022-23

Department of Business Economics

Sr. No Name of the activity/programme
1 A Guest lecture on Green  Investing
2 Essay Competition for the  students
3 Econonzest A festival of Business Economics Dept (Total 4 activities)
4 A Visit to APMC Market /  RBI
5 Subject Expert Lectures for  TY students

Department of Accountancy

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Financial Literacy to Students and Non-Teaching Staff.
2 Guidance Lecture on Professional Courses OR Competitive Exam
3 Lecture on Budget
4 Industrial Visit (SY & TY Students only)

Department of BOTANY

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Workshop - Training for Laboratory Support Staff
2 Excursion to Yeoor hills : MSc
3 1.Celebration of  “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav: Essay competition for students”
2. SYBSc and TYBSc short excursion
4 1. ‘Being Me’  Activity : visit to Old-age Home
2.World Cardiac day : Guest lecture
5 Invitee Lecture
6 Long Excursion
7 1. Industrial visit for MSc
2.Lecture on Intellectual Property Rights
8 Guest lecture on ‘Career Guidance for UG and PG students’

Department of CHEMISTRY

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Learning ability test – F.Y.Bsc.
2 Presentation competition by Chalkboard and talk method on “Reaction mechanism” & “IUPAC nomenclature”- T.Y. BSc Students.
3 Seminar on Research Methodology / Awareness of Intellectual Property rights /Entrepreneurship skills
4 Chemistry quiz contest – topics- green chemistry/ environment chemistry / food adulteration All Classes
5 Allocation and Selection of projects for Avishkar research convention
6 Proposed Certificate course on “Chemistry Laboratory Techniques”
7 Seminar on Career Opportunities after B.Sc. / Effective communication skills/ soft skills
8 Industrial visit / national science day celebration


Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Workshop on Entrepreneurship development program
2 Lecture on “AWARENESS ABOUT IPR” jointly with IPR cell
4 Lecture on capital market/ Financial
5 PPT/ Essay Competition
6 Visit to RBI/SEBI/Industry

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Teachers Day celebration
2 Presentation by students
3 Fun in Maths
4 Guest lecture
5 Guest lecture
6 Star Gazing
7 PPT competition
8 Poster competition
9 Mathematical Rangoli competition
10 Mathematical T-shirt painting competition
12 Mathematical Treasure Hunt
13 Mathematical Quiz
14 Guest lecture
15 “Being Me” activity. Yoga session for people of Old Age Home
16 “Being Me” activity. “Fun in Maths and Origami” for children of orphanage

Department of English

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Orientation of F.Y.B.A and FY.B.Com
2 Essay Writing based on Short Films
3 Visit to Library
4 Publication of an online Art and Literature E-Magazine “Aakaar”
5 Expert lecture on Career related topics
6 Reader’s Club inauguration
7 Literary games and competitions under the English Literary Association
8 Elocution Competition at college and intercollegiate level
9 Group Discussion based on films related to social issues
10 Certificate Course on ‘Spoken English’
11 Internal tests
12 Creative Writing Competition
13 Expert lecture on topics related to mass media for the paper of mass communication
14 Guidance lecture on various topics related to communication

Department of MARATHI

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Meet the Author
2 A Symposium on Transgenders and Literature
3 Career Guidance Lectures
4 A two-day National Seminar on Literary theme
5 Competitions to Enhance Linguistic Competence of Students
6 Competitions to Enhance Literary Competence of Students

Department of Physics

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Certificate Course
2 Raman Activity Club
3 National Seminar in Jan 23
4 Career Counselling
5 Training to stake holders
6 Programme/Seminar/Workshop/Conference
7 Celebration of important events
8 Being Me

Department of Sociology (Arts)

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Nature Save Responsibility  Lecture
Expert speaker Remuneration
Welcome and Refreshment     
2 Women Self Security Guidance Lecture
Two Expert speaker Remuneration per person
Welcome and Refreshment     
3  Semester V Exam orientation Lecture
Expert speaker Remuneration per person
4 The study tour, visit arrange to Trebles area.
5 Researcher paper Presentation ( Students)
Reward Amount

Guest Remuneration
6  Semester V Exam orientation Lecture

Department of History and F.C

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Orientation of F.Y.B.A/ FY.B.Com/ F.Y.B.Sc.
2 Bridge Course
3 Visit to Library
4 Special Lecture series on Interdisciplinary Topics
5 Guest Lecture on various topics related to the syllabus
6 Visit to Historical Places
7 Internal Examination
8 Submission of F.C Project
9 Submission of T.Y.B.A History Project
10 T.Y.B.A preliminary Exam
11 Film Screening on Environment, gender, etc. for FC students
12 Workshop on Tourism and Career Opportunities
13 Workshop on “ History of Trademarks, design and symbols through the Newspapers”
14 Heritage Walk at Thane, Fort (Mumbai)
15 Guidance Lecture on “ U.P.S.C, M.P.S.C & Other Competitive Examination”
16 Special Talk on National Icons
17 Lecture on Sex Education
18 Workshop on Sexual Harassment
19 Students Urban History Journal
20 Certificate Course in Introduction to Basic Legal Knowledge
21 TY.B.A Preliminary Examination

UNAided Activity Calendar

Department of BAF

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Anti-ragging session – fybaf - welcome
2 Thoughts of eminent economist- PPT competition
3 Add on course – 30 hours
4 Non verbal communication and grapevine activity
5 Expert guidance session - students
6 Model exhibition in FC
7 National Level Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights
8 Project guidance session on research methodology
9 Add on course – 30 hours
10 Add on course – 30 hours
11 Ice-Breaking Session – FC
12 Career guidance Session- M.COM, CA, CS, CWA AND ACCA
13 Expert Guidance Session - Students

Department of BAFTNMP

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Expert Guidance on - Scriptwriting
2 Movie Screening
3 Expert Guidance Lecture on - Photography
4 Movie Screening
5 Expert Guidance Lecture on - Cinematography
6 Visit to a shoot

Department of BBI

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Orientation of FYBBI
2 Seminar on career prospects in insurance
3 Faculty Exchange Program
4 Bank Nationalization Day
5 Workshop on Mutual Fund
6 Expert Guidance Session – TYBBI students
7 Poster making competition
8 National conference of all SFC department
9 RBI visit for TYBB
10 Local bank visit for FYBBI
11 SE/NSE visit for SYBBI
12 Soft skill development by Techno serve
13 Workshop on research methodology
14 Workshop on share market
15 Management fest – week
16 Expert guidance lecture
17 Career guidance session – career in banking

Department of BMs

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Stating Investors Club (One Saturday in a month) 
2 EDP Programme
3 Tradezania - EDP
4 TYBMS - Guest sessions
5 Guest Session on  Chanakya Neeti / Goal setting / Contemporary Issue )
6 Industrial Visit
7 Management Club Activity
8 Expert Lecture on - Hypothesis Testing
9 Guest Session on  Chanakya Neti / Goal setting / Contemporary Issue )
10 TYBMS - Guest sessions      

Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Technology

Sr. NOs Name of the activity/programme
1 Add On Course : Data Science
2 Project Induction Activity : Subject Specialization
3 Developing Library Network (DEVLIBNET)
4 ICT Computing Series I: Data analysis in association with Research Promotion Cell
5 Importance of Internship
6 Expert Lecture Series #1 : CADD Program - Full Stack Development
7 FY Student Orientation
8 Research Paper Writing session for Student
9 ICT Computing Series II: IOT training with Science Dept.
10 Faculty Exchange Program
11 ICT Computing Series III: Cloud Computing Basics
12 Teachers day Celebration
13 IPR related Program
14 Term 1 - Parents Meeting
15 Ewaste Collection - Ewaste club Activities
16 Expert Lecture
17 ICT Computing Series IV: Tips and Tricks in handling Google Drive Placement Drive for Non-IT Students
18 Festinobits 2022
19 Project Exhibition
20 Being me activity
21 Being me Commitee activity : Training for Parents of Special children
22 Ewaste club Activities - (Presentation, Quiz , Research Paper Presentation, Poster making- any two)
23 Add on-course - .NET, Web development