About the Library

Library The college library has a vast collection of more than 72000 books covering the various filled of interest in social sciences, humanities and pure sciences. It has separate collection of Audio / Video Materials like CD’s, DVD’s etc. It has subscription to over 80 periodicals which includes academic journals out of which two are in brail script and popular magazines of general interest and 19 newspapers. In addition to this library provide access to thousands of e-resources through N-LIST (National Library & Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) and other databases. The library is fully computerized and students can access the collection through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The reading room of the college library provides to 302 students at a time.. A separate section equipped with required resources has been developed for the students preparing for competitive examinations.

Book Bank

In addition to the regular lending facility, the college library provides Book Bank facility to economically backward and socially backward students wherein students can get a set of text-books for entire year. Every year approximately 500 students avail this facility. Students may contact the librarian for membership of the Book Bank scheme.

Knowledge Resource Centre

The Knowledge Resource Centre in the library is equipped with 45 computers and LCD projector connected to internet from where students can access to NLIST database as well as other online resources. Students may contact the librarian for membership of the NLIST and other resources.

Working Schedule of the Library

Working Days: Monday to Saturday
Working Hours: 08.00 to 17.00

Library Infrastructure

a) Total area of the library
i. Reading Room: 3000 sq. ft.
ii. Stack Room and administrative area: 4000 sq. ft.
iii. Knowledge Resource Centre: 640 sq. ft. b)

i. Technical Processing Section
ii. Periodical Section
iii. Knowledge Resource Centre
iv. Circulation Section
v. Reading Room
vi. Competitive Examination Section
vii. Stack Room
c) Library Collection
Item Discription    Volumes
Books                     79144
Periodicals                80
E-books              1,95,809
F-E-journals           6293
CD/DVDs               292
Bound Volumes      972
News Papers          20
Maps                     60

Organization Library Collection
The books and other reading materials in the library have been classified and organized in accordance with their subject matter as per the 22nd edition of Dewey Decimal classification system.

Computerization of Library :
The Central Library activities and services have been automated using Libsys7 - a standard user-friendly web based integrated Library management software SOUL 3.0 developed by INFLIBNET. The ICT infrastructure includes a library server, 60 computers 4 printers and 1 scanner. The library is Wi-Fi enabled connected to the main server through Local Area Network (LAN) with domain configuration and anti-virus security for sharing of resources.

Bar Coding of Library Collection :
Library collection has been completely barcoded except passive collection. A barcode printer with latest configuration is available in the library for in-house barcoding and four scanners have been deployed for circulation of library resources. The manual circulation has been replaced with computerised bar-coding system since 2008

Library Staff
Librarian 1
Asst. Librarian - Clerk 5
Library Attendants 6
Peons 3