Urja Setu


URJA SETU is a social initiative, started in the year 2016-17 which acted as a bridge between students and NGOs working for different social and environmental causes. It has a team of stakeholders of the institution contributing towards meeting the objectives of URJA SETU successfully.

Objectives of Urja Setu

1. Collating the strength of students and NGOs
2. Providing platform for the NGOs to spread the message about their work
3. Giving scope to NGOs to sell the products prepared by them
4. Empowerment of students by giving them platform to sell their products
5. To build an army of volunteers to help NGOs
6. To develop team of socially responsible students who can help in pursuing projects undertaken by our institute.

Some success stories of students who were a part of URJA SETU stalls owners (before corona times and during Covid Times we had online URJA SETU. ) are as follows:


• She learnt chocolate and muffins making and utilized the skills in URJA SETU
• Sold her products in URJA SETU in all the three exhibitions and received orders from junior and senior college teachers
• She was invited as trainer in Menon College, Mumbai.
• She got upto 65% profit by selling in the URJA SETU

• Nikhil of Commerce faculty, a multi- talented artist, prepares eco- friendly Ganpati decorations and sold his products in Ganapati festival
• He was called as trainer in Guru Nanak college, Mumbai for Eco friendly Ganpati making

• She learnt hairstyling and makeup in Student Activity Centre and was encouraged to put a stall and earned profit of 65%.


LINK OF ONLINE URJA SETU 21-22 in which many students NGOs & Micro entrepreneurs were given an opportunity to sell their products free of cost.

Urja Setu 2021-22 (Online)

Urja Setu 2021-22 (Room No 1)

Urja Setu 2021-22 (Room No 2)

Urja Setu 2021-22 (Room No 3)

Urja Setu 2021-22 (Room No 4)

Urja Setu 2019 (Offline Mode)