Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College


College Timings : Arts/Commerce: 7.10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Science :   7.10 a.m. to 03.30 p.m (Lectures, Practicals and Tutorials)
Admission Rules (eligibility Documents as per Prospectus)
For F.Y. classes, in-house students will be admitted on priority.

1. The student seeking admission under Category-1 [Caste/Tribe/Class] must produce caste certificate issued by the competent authority of the Government of Maharashtra, failing which, their claim for admission will not be entertained under the Specified Category. Students migrating from other States/ Boards and claiming admission on the basis of reserved categories may be considered only if they submit caste-validating certificate from the competent authority  of Maharashtra State.
2. Students seeking admission under Category II (A & B) ref. page 8 should produce true copy of documentary evidence issued by appropriate authorities of the Government, failing which their claim for admission will not be entertained under the Specified Category. In case of the 3% seats reserved for Sports, Games and 2% for Cultural, competitions conducted and sponsored by the government will be considered. Copy of such certificates countersigned by the District  Sports Officer (DSO), should be submitted along with the Admission Form. It is mandatory for students who have been admitted under 3% Sports and Games Category, to participate in the college events/teams.
3. Forms will be issued and accepted as per the schedule notified on the College Notice Board. There are separate counters for different categories, and the parents/students should submit their Admission Forms at the respective counter, otherwise their claim will be considered in the Open Category.
4. Merit list with date and time will be put up on the College Notice Board. Along with the Application Form at the time of admission sef-attested copies of the documents mentioned on page 1 are to be submitted. 5. Students who have been merit-listed for admission, must complete the admission formalities by paying the fees and submitting the required documents as per the time and schedule notified, failing which their claim for admission will stand forfeited.
6. Students/parents are requested to fill in the Admission Form very clearly indicating the category of reservation, i.e. caste, freedom fighters, sports, etc., to which they belong, by indicating the code number or ticking the appropriate block. In case, the information is not applicable, they are requested to write N.A. For any clarification, parents/students may contact the designated teachers, who are available for HELP at the time of admission. All are requested to read the Prospectus and the College Notice Board before filling and submitting the forms.
7. All admissions are provisional, until confirmed by the appropriate authorities, including previous school attended by the student.
8. Those who desire of availing leave Travel Concession, i.e. Long Journey Railway Concession, should write their Home Town address in the Admission Form at the time of admission, failing which no application for long journey Railway Concession will be entertained
9. Other requirements, if any, will be displayed on the ‘College Notice-Board’.

Admission procedure:

i) F.Y.B.A/B.Com./B.Sc. admissions will be as per the directives issued by the University of Mumbai from time to time, and subject to availability of seats in the college. Normally, inhouse students are admitted on priority.
ii) Students seeking admission to the three year integrated course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Science or Commerce, B.M.M., B.M.S., Computer Science, Banking and Insurance, Accounts and Finance, must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (SYJC) Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Mumbai or an examination recognized as equivalent with subjects, as may be specified by the University in Arts, Science or Commerce streams.
iii) Students passing an examination equivalent to S.Y.J.C., of the Higher Secondary Board, Mumbai and Inter-Mediate (Arts/Science/Commerce) of University Boards & seeking admission to the FY of the Three Year Integrated Degree Course will be admitted only on production of a “Provisional Eligibility Certificate”, issued by the University of Mumbai. Such students should submit a migration certificate, statement of marks and passing certificate in original along with true copies within two months, from the date of admission, failing which their admission is liable to be cancelled.
iv) Students coming from other colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai will be admitted only provisionally on producing a No Objection Certificate from the Principal of the college last attended, and their admission will be confirmed only on receipt of the Transfer Certificate (T.C.) from their previous college. For this purpose, they should submit an Application Form along with T.C. fees to the college office at the time of admission.
v) A few seats may be available in certain subjects for students from other colleges seeking admission to F.Y.B.Sc/ T.Y. B.Sc/ T.Y.B.A. Interested students may register their names in the college office. For details, check the notice board.
vi) Reservation of seats for the  socially weaker section and sports etc. will be as per the University directives.
vii) The reserved category candidates should fill up necessary forms to claim scholarships and Freeships at the time of admission.
viii) S.Y. and T.Y. Subjects will be offered as per the University norms.
ix) For a student with a break in education it is compulsory to submit an affidavit explaining the reason for the same.

(All Students/Parents/Guardians should read carefully and understand)
1. Students seeking admission from other colleges should have passed in all subjects and obtained No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) from the last college attended.
2. Students should note that all admissions will be as per prevailing University rules/Board rules and Government norms and will be provisional till confirmed by the authorities.
3. Students seeking admission at F.Y in any stream should verify the Subjects available at T.Y level. College shall offer only those subjects or combinations which are mentioned in the prospectus.
4. All parents/guardians must sign the admission form after going through and understanding the rules, regulations and code of conduct governing their wards.
5. Students who do not submit original mark sheet, passing certificate and leaving certificate and other necessary documents will not be granted admission and if granted, all such admissions will be provisional.
6. If any educational information and documents submitted by students are found to be false or misleading, it will call for legal action and expulsion from the college.
(Note: In case of any disputes, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding.)

1. Every student must possess a valid Identity Card issued to him/her by the college authorities, with photograph bearing the signature of the Principal. The card must be kept on display (either with a sling or clip or worn around the neck.) Any student without a valid College Identity Card will not be permitted to enter the college premises.
2. Students’ attendance in lectures, practicals, field visits is compulsory as per university guidelines. Accordingly, every student must attend at least 75% of the total number of lectures. Attendance for tutorials/practicals, all the class tests, assignments engaged in each term of the respective academic year is compulsory.
3. Students remaining absent during lectures, practicals or examination on medical ground must submit medical certificate to the vice principal/course co-ordinator or parent teacher or Exam committee convener immediately after the examination.
4. Students are required to be present in classroom well in time.
5. All students should maintain strict silence in the corridors, classrooms and library hall.
6. Every student is responsible for taking care of the college property and maintaining cleanliness of the premises.
7. While representing the college in workshops, seminars, excursions, field visits, industrial visits, internships etc. all students should follow utmost discipline and decorum.
8. Every student should read the notices displayed by the college from time to time. Any ignorance or failure on their part to read the notices will not be excused.
9. Library books, periodicals etc. should be handled carefully. Any damage or loss of books by the students should be compensated for within 7 days.
10. All students are informed that they must carefully fill in examination forms on or before the due date notified. All T.Y Students should note that their form submission as per university guidelines is online.
11. All students and their parents should note that discipline is the foremost aspect in gaining admission to the college and that discipline must be maintained by students throughout their tenure in this college.
12. Any student failing to attend the college for 75% of the total number of lectures/tutorials/practicals engaged during the academic year is liable for disciplinary action resulting in cancellation of his/ her admission.
13. Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones or any kind of valuables in college premises. The college will not be held responsible in case of loss of the same.
14. Students must not misuse blackboards, disfigure walls and windows, tamper with furniture and fittings or cause any damage to the college property directly or indirectly. Otherwise cost for damages will be collected from students by charging common breakage.
15. Students are not allowed to communicate any information or write to the press about matters related to the college administration without prior permission of the Principal.
16. Any act of tarnishing the reputation of the college or teachers will be viewed seriously.
17. Students are strictly prohibited from collecting funds in the name of the college.
18. Any student found guilty of disobedience, misconduct or misbehavior or any other act of serious indiscipline is liable either to lose his term or face expulsion from the college.
19. Students involved in any kind of violent behaviour inside and outside college campus will be handed over to the police.
20. Students indulging in malpractices of whatsoever nature including use of unfair means at the examinations will be liable for disciplinary action as per the rules and procedures laid down by Maharashtra Universities Act. 1994 and the Government of Maharashtra Act No. XXXI of 1982.
21. Smoking, chewing pan, tobacco, or any kind of intoxicants is strictly prohibited as per government directives. Students found indulging in such activities in the college premises will face expulsion from the college.
22. Students are directed not to bring any outsider to the college premises.
23. Students shall not organise on their own picnics, excursion, trips etc. without prior written permission of the Principal.
(Note: In case of any dispute, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding.)

Students who request leave of absence from lectures/practicals/tutorials for participating in sports, games, cultural or any other activities for and on behalf of the College/Activity group, should submit the application countersigned by the respective Prof-in-charge.

Parents of Degree/Junior College students are requested to kindly contact the Prof-in-charge of class, Head of Department, Vice-Principal or the Principal, at least once in a term to keep themselves abreast with their wards attendance and progress