Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College


  General Publications
1 Arohan 2014-15
2 Arohan 2015-16
3 Arohan 2016-17
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  Faculty Publications
1 A study of causes of Regional Imbalances in Maharashtra - Dr.M.D. Bhingardive
2 Financial Inclusion of women through SHGs  A study reference to Thane  Block - Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
3 Role of Life Insurance Corporation of India in Nation Building - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
4 Development of Mobile Banking  the study of Success and Failure -Dr.S.D.Kuduk
5 Challenges BeforeUrban CooperativeBanks  - Mr.J.B.Pitre
6 Ancient Indian Culture and Polity in Today’s Context - Dr.N.S.Sane
7 Heat and Thermodynamics  - Dr.C.D.Marathe
8 The Development and Mobile Banking: The Study of Success and Failure Factors - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
9 Public Sector Banks Challenges  and Opportunities - Mr. K. K. Wankhede
10 To Suffer and Sing: Humour in Jerry Pinto’s Em and the Big Hoom- Mrs.Runa Shajeev
11 “The Significance of Public Relations in Business Communication”- Ms.Radhika Mukherjee
12 Assessment on Pollution impact and Correlation study of Lake water from Thane Region of Maharashtra, India - Ms.K.R.Rathod
13 The Globalization and Small Scale Industry The Empirical Study of SSSI and Its Problem in Thane - Dr. D. B. Bhanagade
14 E- Commerce - Mr. M.M. Gondhlekar 
15 Chapter in Theories of Identity in Human Rights and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Thoughts, Edited by Dr. S.B. Bhagat  on “The Quest for Identity in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children.”(pp. 460-461) - Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
16 The Significance of Public Relations in Business Communication- Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
17 Drushyancha Dhobal Samudra - Ms.P.D.Pawar
18 International Marketing - Dr.P.D.Shinde
19 SEZs In India - Dr.P.D.Shinde
20 A Study of Indian IT Sector - Dr.P.D.Shinde
21 Recent Issues in Indian Financial Sector - Dr.P.D.Shinde
22 Micro-Finance in India - Dr.P.D.Shinde
23 Indian Labour Problems - Dr.P.D.Shinde
24 Quality Assessment  of River Water with Special reference to Pearson Correlation Study - Ms. S.P.Banerjee
25 Mechanics - Dr.C.D.Marathe
26 Article entitled 'Jat, Warga, LingbhavAni Dalit SahityasamorilAwhane' in book 'SandarbhasahitStrivad–StrivadacheSamakalinCharchavishwa' (2014) Edited by VandanaBhagwat and others, - Ms.P.D.Pawar
27 Fundamentals of Electronics- Dr.C.D.Marathe
28 Electricity and Magnetism -Dr.C.D.Marathe
29 Basic Electricity and Electronics -Dr.C.D.Marathe
30 Basic Electricity -Dr.C.D.Marathe
31 Solid State Physics -Dr.C.D.Marathe
32 Issues in Environmental Costing : preventative Study - Dr.D.B.Bhangade
33 The Urban Co-operative Bank- Dr.D.B.Bhangade
34 Women Entrepreneurship - Dr.D.B.Bhangade
35 Lead Bank: A Case Study of Annual Credit Plan - Dr.D.B.Bhangade
36 Impact of Globalization on Small Scale Industry - Dr.D.B.Bhangade
37 Role of Forign Direct Investment-Dr.D.B.Bhangade
38 Financial Inclusion A Social Agenda to reduce Poverty - Ms.Anita Dakshina
39 Micro-economics - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
40 Mumbai’s Bestbus service-problems and solutions  - Ms. SmitaShevde
41 The Gender Budget and Women Empowerment - Dr.N.S. Sane
42 Mathematical model for obtaining congestion pricing for road traffic -Ms.S.S.Gurjar
43 Journalism: Broadening Its Horizons- Ms.Kanika Arya
44 Electrochemical Sensors for the detection of hazardous gases,Based on Organic Conjugated Polymers like Polypyrrol- Dr.C.D.Marathe
45 Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole doped with APS for its applications to detect hazardous gases- Dr.H.K.Chitte
46 PEG-Sulfonic Acid (PEGSOH) Catalysed Efficient Synthesis ofPyridone-3Derivatives-Dr.R.P.Chavan
47 Impact of Climate Changeon Biodiversity and Humans  - Dr.R.P.Chavan 
48 Bhatsai River Water’s Physico Chemical Analysis  - Dr.S.P.Banerjee
49 Limnological study of Thanecity with Special reference to Pearson correlation analysis - Dr.K.R.Rathod
50 Environmental Issues of E-waste - Dr.G.R.Bhagure
51 Water Quality Monitoring and EIA Study of Kalriver stretch form/s Chemicals Additional MIDC,Mahad, Raigad District of Maharashtra  - Dr.G.R.Bhagure
52 Synthesis of Heterocyclic Derivatives of 3 substituted Coumarin - Dr.B.P.Langi
53 Synthesis of Derivatives of Dipyranoquinoline- Dr.B.P.Langi
54  “An overview of TiO 2 and TiS 2 ”   - Farahat Ansari and Sonali Kokane
55 Lignin:Commercial and Ecological Perspectives - Ms. M.R.Ingle
56 "Economic and socio-cultural development of Konkan region through tourism:case study of Vajreshwari - Ms. S. P. Deuskar
57 Rural Development  and Infrastructure in Maharashtra - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
58 Water scarcity various measures for water conservation - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
59 Reforms in the financial system & development  - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
60 Indian Food Security - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
61 Infrastructure Economics and Development -Dr. D. B. Bhanagade
62 Impact of Inadequate Infrastructural Development on Household in Select Blocks of Thane District  - Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
63 Financial Inclusion of Women through SHGs: A study with reference to select blocks of Thane District - Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
64 Economic Effect of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements -Dr.Bhavana Jain
65 Bridging Gap Between Banking Services and Common Man Financial Inclusion Through PMJDY -Ms.Anita Dakshina
66 Banking Sector Communication:A perspective on its interdependence with The Changing Societal Trends -Ms.Kanika Arya
67 A Study Of quality Enhancement in Higher Education Through students participation - Dr. M.D. Bhingardive
68 Performanceof ParsikJantaSahakari Bank from 1990 to 2004 - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
69 Indian Financial System - Dr.S.D.Kuduk
70 Recent Trends in English Language Teaching Fostering Employment Opportunities  -Ms.Radhika Mukherjee 
71 Role of mathematics and Statistics in determining Poverty lines  - Ms. Smita Shevde
72 Role of NGOs in developing India - Ms. Smita Shevde
73 A study of unique contributions of  Dr.   B. R. Ambedkar towards empowerment of Indian women -Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
74 Article entitled, VirangMi, VimukatMi,KadambariVishayi published in MukatShabad -Dr.P.D.Pawar
75 Article entitled 'ManasachyaAssalpanachaShodhGheteMi' in book 'Stri-likhit Marathi Kavita (1950-2010)  ' (2016) Edited by ArunaDhere-Dr.P.D.Pawar
76 A text Book of Organic Chemistry -Dr.R.P.Chavan
77 Security analysis and portfolio management-Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
78 Financial accounting  -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
79 Cost Accounting I  -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
80 Research Methodology In Accounting And Finance  -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
81 Business Research Methods -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
82 Customer Relationship Management, -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
83 Auditing T. Y. banking and Insurance sem v -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
84 Insurance fund management T.Y.B.F.M. Sem-V -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
85 Foundation course-I F.Y.B.COM sem-I -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
86 Investment analysis and portfolio management  TYBMS – sem v -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
87 Principles of management F.Y.BBI SEM – I -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
89 Foundation course-IIFYBCOM sem-II University of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
90 Foundation course-II F.Y.BAF sem-II University of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
91 Foundation course ii F.Y.BBI and BMS Sem-II University of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
92 Research methodology for business sem ii University of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
93 AUDITING T. Y. Banking And Insurance Sem V University Of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
94 Financial management F.Y.BAF-I University of Mumbai -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
95 A Study on Brands Loyalty for Cosmetic Products Among Youth In Thane City -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
96 Study on E-Governance and Digital India- Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
97 A Study on Awareness of GST -amongst College Teachers in Thane City College -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
98 Banking in Every Pocket Pros and Consover Traditional Banking on A Common Man -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
99 A Study of Customer's Perceptions Towards Can W.R.T. Private Sector Banks In Thane City - Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
100 Study on Importance of Convergence of Indian Accounting Standards with IFRS.-Mr.T B. Karnik
101 Study on Importance of Convergence of Indian Accounting Standards with IFRS.-Mr. K. K. Wankhede
102 A study on stress management among the college teachers in Thane -Ms.Anita Dakshina
103 Accounting Standards and its Convergence with IFRS. - Mr.J.B.Pitre
104 A Study of Prospective Future & Obstacles of Unorganized Sector -Dr.S.M.Bhome
105 Perceptions of Accounting Among Commerce Students -Dr.S.M.Bhome
106 A Comparative Analysis of International Financial Reporting Standards and Indian GAAP -Dr.S.M.Bhome
107 A Study on Impact of Social Media on Consumer's buying behavior W.R.T. Mumbai Region -Dr.S.M.Bhome
108 Celebrating Individuality in Contemporary Children’s Literature in India -Mrs. Runa Shajeev
109 Recent Trends in English Language Teaching: Fostering Employment Opportunities -Mrs. Radhika Mukherjee
110 Voices of Subalterns in Arvind Adigas, The White Tiger -Ms. Anita Ubale 
111 A Study On Make In India Project Programme W.R.T. Thane Region Respondents -Dr.S.M.Bhome
112 Hymenochaetales from Yeoor Hills, Thane, Maharashtra, India -Prof.S.S. Hajirnis 
113 Studies of Copper Induction for laccase enzyme production by Trichodermaerinaceum -Ms. M.R.Ingle
114 A Review on Bioluminescent Fungi: A torch of Curiosity -Prof.S.S. Hajirnis 
115 A Rise in Trends and Developments of Insurance distribution Channels -Dr.S.M.Bhome
116 Overview of E-Commerce with reference to B2C Model -Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
117 Overview of MUDRA Scheme with reference to Thane District -Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
118 Convergence with IFRS Opportunities & Challenges -Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
119 A Poem entitled “The Ring” got published in The Giggling Pen: Compilation of Hilarious Poems, - Ms. Radhika Mukherjee
120 Let The Rumours Be True (A Book of Short Stories) Translated by Dr. Maya Pandit, 2017 - Dr.P.D.Pawar
121 Three Poems entitled “Reflections” , “Unfolding the Joy” and “You are Indeed My True Friend” got published in The Poetry Wall edited by ShivnarayanWaghmare -Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
122 Two Poems entitled My Angel ‘Surabhi’ and“You Filled My Life with Happiness and Joy” got published in MOTHER: An Anthology, edited by Dr. PrernaSingla, -Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
123 A Poem entitled “Moonlight Romance” got published in Poetry Planet Words in Motion: A collection of Outstanding Winning Aspirant Poets,-Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
124 Two poems published  Entitled: My Confession and Iam Incomplete without You -Ms.Radhika Mukhaerjee
125 Ancient India from Earliest to 1000 A.D, Tech-Max Publication, Pune, -Mr.B.B. Kambale
126 Landmarks in World History, 1300 A.D-1945 (Marathi) -Mr.B.B. Kambale
127 Ancient India from Earliest to 1000 A.D, (Marathi),-Mr.B.B. Kambale
128 Discipline related Elective Courses Sem-IV - Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
129 Security analysis and portfolio management   -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome 
130 Financial accounting – i -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
131 Cost accounting -Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
132 Foundation Course-Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
133 Research Methodology In Accounting And Finance-Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
134 Business Research Methods-Dr. Shraddha M. Bhome
135 “Implications of GST on E-Commerce” - Dr.M.D.Bhingardive
136 A Study of Customer's usage Pattern about ICT Trends in Banking W.R.T. Mumbai & Thane Region -Dr.S.M.Bhome
137 A Study of Customer Relationship management strategies of Bank W.R.T. SBI -Dr.S.M.Bhome
138 A Study on Opinion of Respondents towards Problems/ Issue in Online Shopping in Thane Region -Dr.S.M.Bhome
139 Study of Customer perceptions towards CRM. W.R.T.Private sector Bank in Thane City -Dr.S.M.Bhome