Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College

Dr. Chandrashekhar Marathe - Principal

Dear Friends,

These are unprecedented times which demand a great deal of courage and resilience. There has been a surge of COVID-19 cases across the country in a big way, especially the metros Mumbai and Delhi, where cases have really shot up. The good news is that we have a recovery rate in COVID cases, which still is more than 45% and very low mortality rate of 3% which gives us more reason to feel that we are seeing some way ahead. We are also seeing that people have started adapting and co-existing with the situation by taking appropriate safety measures and we are witnessing more and more businesses and organizations getting back to work. We should be clear that we now learn to coexist with this pandemic and be disciplined and organized, so as to, take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

In the meantime, our staff at SPDC, with the unflinching support of the Management, has been gearing up with new strategies for the present times.  Through our one of a kind online five-day Faculty Development Programme on ‘Evolution from Offline to Online Teaching’, our teaching staff has done a great job, ensuring access to knowledge and expertise across the globe. Similarly, our week-long Student Development Programme on ‘E-Learning: Blackboard to Broadband’, organised by our students for the students of other institutions, has received great appreciation. We really admire the efforts of our staff and lot of people who have worked in these exceptional times to ensure that we are able to reach our stakeholders in these tough times.

We have also opened online admissions and online payment facility has been initiated for this academic year. We will take all ways and means to safeguard learners in college so that they have a smooth year ahead. All safety protocols of temperature sensing, wearing of safety gears (masks, goggles, face shields), social distancing, sanitizing and washing hands are being adhered very stringently and we are clear that the safety of our employees and stakeholders comes first. As a responsible and caring institution, we continue to work proactively for our stakeholders, the Government and the communities around us.

Although, we may not see a quick changeover to normal times, the only pragmatic thing is to face the hardships with fortitude and overcome all the problems in a strong tenacious manner. The SPDC family continues to be well-knit and am sure, that we stand by each other resolutely, as we steer through these exceptional times.

Take care and keep safe.

Dr. C.D. Marathe